Enhancing Professional Expertise
with Personal Experience

There are perhaps no more emotionally charged issues in our culture than that which involves the succession of wealth and belongings. Equally critical to an in depth knowledge of the law is the guidance of a seasoned attorney who understands the behaviors sparked by emotion… who discerns the volatility attached to grief… and who has the life experience that contributes to a clear comprehension of each unique situation. Frayda Bruton is precisely that attorney.

Estate Planning And Administration

Estate Planning It’s commonly believed that trusts are exclusively for the benefit of those who have amassed significant wealth. In truth, virtually any kind of asset of any value can be held in a trust– cash, stocks and bonds, life insurance policies, real estate, artwork,

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Selective Trust And Estate Litigation

All litigation is both emotionally and financially demanding. Trust and Estate Litigation seems to amplify the emotional distress people bring into the situation and is can be a painfully exhausting process for all parties involved, which rarely if ever results in a win-win outcome. The

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Estate And Gift Tax Planning

Planning your estate is essential to securing your legacy, especially in the state of California. Your estate may be as small as a bank account or contain a piece of real property or consist of assets that when combined, represent significant wealth. Regardless of size,

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Knowledge, Experience, & Sensitivity. 

Creating an estate plan carefully structured to afford retention of wealth and support for your loved ones is key to peace of mind. It is also the first step toward avoiding the emotional trauma that stems from unnecessary litigation.

Selecting an attorney who can competently and effectively accomplish your goals is a critical component of your overall plan. 

You are invited to experience the distinctive style of Frayda Bruton Law. Here, strategies are meticulously implemented to minimize tax consequences and to streamline the planning and administrative processes. What’s more, you experience a dimension of understanding and compassion that enhances the legal solution.

The strategies you expect, with the peace of mind you need.